Install WordPress locally (Wamp Server) : WordPress is the most popular blogging plate form (CMS) currently because Google loves WordPress. But the main problem is testing I mean how to test themes, Plugins, updates and other websites improvement.  I am going to show you how to install WordPress locally on Windows using Wamp which you can run offline.In this guide, you learn in simple and easy steps to Install WordPress locally on Windows using wamp.

What is Wamp Server and why we use It

Wamp is a Server which contains a package consist of Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Where Apache is a name of a server, PHP is a scripting language, and MySQL is a database language. Wamp is also famous among the developers, and I am also using WAMP for my blogs. I always test themes and plugins before deploying them live. As you know everything is offline which is perfect.

Follow these the simple steps to Install WordPress Locally On Windows Using Wamp

1st Step

You have to download Wamp server. Now open up your browser and in the address bar type It’ll take you directly to the Wamp website and make sure that your computer meets all the requirements, I mean if you are running 32-bit version or 64-bit version you need to download as per your Windows bit version to run Wamp server.

Tp: If you are using other servers, please shut down all because conflicting issues may occur.

wamp server download

2nd Step

Start Wamp Server installation in Windows just click the Wamp server icon, it will load up the installation wizard, click next, next, choose your options, next and install. This Installation will proceed automatically. If you see a security message, just click Allow Access and finish.
wamp server icon3rd step

Now, let’s set up the database. Click the green icon below and go to PHPMyAdmin. It will load up in your browser. When download finished clicking the database tab.  It will open in a new browser Window. Username is root and leaves the password portion blank because they are defaults you don’t have to do anything. After this, just provide the name of your database. Make sure that your spellings are correct and click Create button. Please remember the database name mine is test_db, WordPress is going to use this database and connect it to WordPress installation through the wp.config file. Wrong database name wrong results you will get.test_db, WordPress is going to use this database and connect it to WordPress installation through the wp.config file. Wrong database name wrong results you will get.

PHPmyadmin settings

4th step

Now, Go to and download WordPress. Make sure you get the latest version.

After downloading WordPress, Extract WordPress files

to the directory called www. Now, Click the green icon, go to www directory, create a folder called WordPress and extract all the files you have downloaded.

WordPress Directory

Click the green icon in the taskbar and choose localhost. It will load up in your browser so

WordPress wamp database

that it may take a minute or two, so be patient. When all loaded, scroll down and select WordPress.

5th step

It’s time to Install WordPress locally. Now open your web browser and type “localhost/wordpress” press enter you will see the WordPress installation started automatically.

WordPress Installation

Provide the database name that you’ve created earlier. Make sure spellings are correct. In the username field type in the root. And in the password column, just let it empty, there is no password. For Database host enter localhost and Click submit.

Now you are all set. Just click run the install.

Here you have to provide the information about your site, like site title, username, password, email. You can use any details it depends on your choice. Make sure your username and password are strong enough. Also, remember to give your valid email address because in case you forget the password you need to reset it through email.

wordpress configuration

Congrats your WordPress installation is complete now go to localhost/Wordpress/wp-admin and Login with your details. After login, test your theme and try different plugins.

You can also choose whether your site should be listed in the search engine or not. You can discourage the search engine indexing your website. Just check this box because you are working privately.

Tip: You can always start and stop Wamp services any time just see the figure and follow the steps.

I hope you can now Install WordPress locally on your Windows machine. If you are facing issues or you have a tip let me know in comments.

5 Steps How To Install WordPress locally (Wamp Server)
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Want to use WordPress for testing purpose? OK got it, you just need 5 minutes to do that to Install WordPress locally Using Wamp Server