In this post, I will show you how to create free WordPress backup and restore in 1 minute and why you need to learn it. The importance of this topic rises when your WordPress blog gets traffic and popularity. Bad people try to hack your WordPress blog either destroying the popularity or demand money. Sometimes WordPress updates the version and you don’t need it because it conflicts with your theme or maybe with plugins.

What is WordPress Backup and Restore :

WordPress Blog Backup have few folders which hold the entire installation. It has Database, plugins, Themes, uploads and other misc files. The database is the most important because it has all the configuration ids passwords and especially wp.config file. Other files are part of the WordPress.

WordPress Backup Plugin

I highly recommended WordPress Backup Plugin UpdraftPlus (the premium version has SQL database option) and All in one WordPress import Backup/Restore because I am using both of theme and very good for web-hosting transfer if you are planning in future. Another cool thing it is not going to affect your disk or bandwidth and the process is very quick plus you can schedule your backups.

I will teach you how to do it. Go to plugin add a new tab and type UpdraftPlus. WordPress will show the list of plugins similar to your search leave everything to install and activate updraftPlus.  You can follow the image below.

Backup WordPress site to Computer:

Go to setting and choose UpdraftPlus. In the plugin setting page, you will see few options like Backup, Restore and migrate. Now click the button Backup and it will start backing up everything in seconds and show you the list of backup folders. Click the tab existing back up and there you will see all your folders are backed up.

wordpress backup and restore

WrodPress Backup 2

WrodPress Backup 4

Click each folder one by one.  This is the important part from this menu you can download WordPress Backup to your computer when finish the download delete it there is no need to keep it because it will harm the disk space and bandwidth. Now you have a complete WordPress blog Backup and it has the date too which is easy to detect which day you have created it.

Tip: Please delete all WordPress backup file from the existing backup menu.

Create a duplicate WordPress Website

If you want to migrate or create a duplicate WordPress Website just click the migrate/clone button and that’s it. You can also create schedules back anytime with all in WordPress import plugin highly suggested.

I hope now you can make a WordPress backup and restore like an expert. I hope you enjoy this article don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter because more interesting stuff is on the way. Give comments and let me know your problems. looking for a cheap domain and hosting read this page.

Free WordPress Backup And Restore In 1 Minute


How to create free WordPress backup and restore in 1 minute and why you need to learn it.

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