Generate XML Sitemap with an SEO Yoast plugin easy method, Today you will learn the importance of WordPress Sitemap and how to create it for your WordPress blog. I will not write a long post (Article) because you don’t need to waste your time. This topic will be short and to the point. I will also give you a few tips, what to include and exclude in your sitemap. As an example, you can also check Sizlomedia sitemap for your guidance.

Generate xml Sitemap

How WordPress Sitemap works

At the start when your blog is new it is very difficult for search engines to find your blog. It is an XML file contains all your individual posts and pages. It is the best way to tell the search engine what your blog is all about and how often your blog updates. Whenever you publish a post, your sitemap updated automatically. It has nothing to do with your search engine rankings it only allows search engine crawler to crawl your site better. A sitemap is very important for new and old both blogs.

Why you need Generate XML Sitemap

Sitemaps are the best way to interact with search engines, and If your blog post index quick it will appear in search engines fast. It is also going to give you a huge boost in your blog traffic. I also want to mention about the duplicate content issue because authors archive and your blog post are the same so you must exclude author archives don’t worry I you will later in this post.

Generate XML Sitemap with Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

First, you have to go to the plugins page of your blog and add WordPress SEO by Yoast. Activate it and go to the settings page. If you already installed this plugin leave installation and jump to the XML tag shown in the figure below.

wordpress sitemap yaost plugin1

When opening up XML settings of Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin and enable sitemap functionality. After enabling just save.

Go to user sitemap tag as shown in the image below click disabled and save it.

wordpress sitemap yaost plugin 2

Now go to the post types tag and enabled Post and pages only, leave others disabled and save.

Next part is Exclude posts you don’t need it to leave it as it is. Click the Tax monies tab here only enable categories and save it. Remember few things we don’t need in our sitemap as you know the duplicate content issue. That’s it! Now your WordPress Sitemap is ready, and you can see your newly created sitemap live.

wordpress sitemap yaost plugin 3

Now submit your sitemap file to all search engines. You are also thinking to add your sitemap in search engines follow this post how to submit a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools for better indexing. Don’t miss it.

Tip: You don’t need image sitemap it is already included in Yoast

I hope now you understand and expert in Generating XML Sitemap. If you have any problem or questions, please comment below.

Generate XML Sitemap With Seo Yoast Plugin Easy Method


Generate XML Sitemap With Seo Yoast Plugin Easy Method

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