Are you a writer or Blogger? in both cases you need a professional tool to proofread your articles and you are looking for the best proofreading tool. Yes, you are at the right place to read Grammarly Professional Proofreading Review. In this review, you will find out every aspect of this tool and how to use Grammarly to write articles?

What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is basically a process where proofreader checks the grammatical, typographical, or formatting errors. it is the last process before publishing the article or maybe a document. As a blogger point of view, it affects the reader who visited the blog.

Grammarly benefits

There are a lot of benefits if you use this tool real time saver for writers and bloggers. I am using it for almost two years. Before this, I face a lot of mistakes in my articles especially spelling mistakes. But now blogging is a lot easier for me and I will let you know how you can do it too. Follow the article.

Grammarly Professional Proofreading (Paid  Version)

If you are a professional writer I suggest you go with the paid version. In paid version copy past the article or write one by your self. There are 4 options for you.

1 option Grammarly performance

The first option you will see is a performance tab, where you can check the details report of your article like word count, Sentences, Readability score and Vocabulary (Unique words) and PDF download is also available.

2 option Goal.

The second tab is Goal, where you can set a goal of your writing for example, are you writing a story? or maybe an information post etc.

3 option Human Proofreading

the third tab is the most important one and it is Human Proofreading. But the bad point of this tab it is paid I mean you have to pay for human proofreading.

4 option Plagiarism

The fourth tab is for Plagiarism where you can find the uniqueness of your article.

5 Option Spelling correction

The fifth option is the popular one always get mistakes when you write an article. Grammarly puts red underline just under the wrong spelling words just take your mouse there and you will get a suggestion of correct word.

6 Option Grammar Checking

The sixth option is for grammar and is working auto you don’t need to go anywhere and highlighted immediately.


Grammarly Free Version

The free version can be used for spelling mistakes and grammar issues. Just visit the Grammarly website and install the chrome extension login and it starts to highlight the mistakes, there is no special window for free users. You have two choices either work directly in your blog or open Grammarly and write your article there.

Who is behind Grammarly and what they offer?

Grammarly is a company with offices in San Francisco, New York, and Kyiv. Grammarly has 2 versions as you know free is for everyone but for an average blogger this is enough if you are looking for more tools like duplicate content checking tool and more words and correction. Ok, let’s break it down and let me explain what is free Grammarly? and what is paid version?

See How Grammarly Professional Proofreading works

Here we are inside the Grammarly app and I’m going to type in three incorrect sentences to show you how Grammarly can give you feedback on incorrect English.  So, the first one. . .  I’m just going to put “he has done it. ” So, you probably recognize the mistake but it’s gonna show you how it changes this for you.  So, you can see over here it’s suggesting to change have to has and we can click to change the verb form. We can also expand the card and it gives us information about the mistake: “It appears that the subject pronouns he and the verb have are not in agreement. Consider changing the verb. ” And we can click here and it changes it for us.

grammarly professional proofreading review

Grammarly Features

    1. Grammarly free Version with all basics features
    2. Grammarly can check for 150 + additional points of grammar
    3. Grammarly is specialized in different document types: academic, technical, creative, etc.
    4. Grammarly provides vocabulary suggestions and Detects plagiarism
    5. Grammarly comes with Microsoft Office Add-In
    6. Grammarly automatically detects mistakes with Solutions and Examples

Grammarly Available For this Browser:

    1. Grammarly for Firefox
    2. Grammarly for Chrome
    3. Grammarly for Microsoft® Office
    4. Grammarly for Windows
    5. Google Docs (Beta Testing)

I think you should give a Grammarly Professional Proofreading Review a trial and test it if not satisfied stay with the free version.

F.A.Q. On Grammarly Professional Proofreading

Q1. What is the purpose of proofreading?

To ensure all the article or document is accurate and have no spelling and other mistakes.

Q2. What is proofreading and editing?

To check all document step by step and read is thoroughly and correct every mistake.

Q3. How much do you charge for proofreading?

The charge depends on the length of the document or article and it varies from 20$ to 80$ per hours.

Q4. Why is spell checking important?

From a blogger or search engine point of view, spelling is the most crucial part. If you make mistakes reader will not understand the content and Google will also take it in the account and de-rank your blog.

Download Grammarly free version Grammarly for Windows

So, as you just saw Grammarly gives you great feedback on your writing but not only that, it helps you improve your grammar.  This is really beneficial it’s going to help you improve your English – and the more you write the more you use this tool – the better you will get.

I hope you will get the benefits of this tool and this is the complete review to provide details for writing an article. You can also read if you are running a WordPress blog about how to a backup WordPress blog, how to secure WordPress blog, A complete WordPress Guide. Don’t forget to give comments and please subscribe for more.


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