Beginners Learn How to Install WordPress Themes manually, Before starting the topic I am giving you the sources where you can get the best SEO optimized WordPress themes and they are paid. Look if you really want to run and ranked your WordPress Blog I suggest buying premium themes. There are a lot of sources where you can find free WordPress themes.

Just do as you like because it is your decision. I suggest that you should check a new theme on your localhost before making it live. When opening up your WordPress theme dashboard there are a lot of free themes too and by default Twenty eleven is your WordPress theme. How to install a WordPress theme there are 2 methods. One is simple to upload through your admin dashboard and the second one is through to install WordPress theme via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). I will discuss both of them below don’t worry.

There is a WordPress Plugin to test drive your theme test it there lives and only you can see it.

Complete Guide How to Install WordPress Themes Manually:

Method 1:

Let me assume that you select the WordPress theme and it is in.Zip format a compressed folder which has all the files in one place. Now it’s time to install example.Zip folder to your self-hosted WordPress Blog.

  1. First Step, navigate to your WordPress Dashboard and Login
  2. Select Appearance > Themes>AddNew

Follow screenshots and instructions below:

How to Install WordPress Themes manually

upload and install WordPress theme

It’s time to Upload WordPress theme click the Browse button select your desired theme.Zip file and hit the install now button.

upload file WordPress theme

When clicking the install now button, WordPress theme will be uploaded and install on the root directory of your server but you have to activate it.

WordPress has this cool option of live preview and editing, in this WordPress Live Preview, you can see how your theme is looking at all the pages and settings. If you feel that everything is alright just activate it. The image below is going to explain everything.

Method 2:

How to install WordPress theme via FTP

This method is pretty secure but I will not recommend it to beginners when read rest of this post I know you will find this little difficult. You have to remember your root directory and subfolders where you gonna to install WordPress blog theme.

Starts with FTP method you must need a software I mean specific software which is built for file transfer and it will access the web hosting cPanel. There is a lot of FTP software’s but I personally used FileZilla easy and fast.

ftp host details

A quick way to Unpack WordPress theme:

Told you about the compress.Zip format when we upload theme through FTP we need to extract it first because every single will be uploaded individually. So make it ready before starting upload right click and select extract.

Tip: WinRAR is good for extracting the WordPress Theme folder it is recommended software.

Login to FTP manager with your details like host, username, password, and port which is by default 21. Hit quick connect button and it will take you to the root directory of the domain. I told you it is not easy, You can take all details from you web-hosting provider about your FTP login. Select the theme folder from the root of your domain. The left-hand side you can see your PC folders chose the folder which has theme extracted.Zip folder and hit upload. See the images below.

A quick way to activate WordPress themes manually:

WordPress theme activation is simple as it is mention in method 1. Simply follow the method 1 for activation.

A quick way to delete WordPress themes manually:

For any reason, you don’t like a WordPress theme don’t worry just delete it. Go to Appearance> Themes and select a theme which you want to delete.

I hope now you understand How to Install WordPress Theme manually and you can do it by yourself. Read how to stop WordPress Post Revisions. I am still writing new articles related to the WordPress problems. Give comments and subscribe to sizlomedia. Thanks.

Beginners Learn How to Install WordPress Themes Manually


How to very common question. There are 2 simple methods to do it. It depends on which one you chose to follow this guide