In today’s article, you are going to learn Install WordPress on BlueHost manually. You are a bit curios how does bluehost work with wordpress? When you start your blogging career everything starts from here. So follow this article and If you go to other web-hosting service provider, the procedure of installing WordPress will be the same and I am sure if you learn today you can do this easily on every cPanel hosting.

Why I prefer Bluehost:

BlueHost is providing reliable and user-friendly web-hosting services. You can see Sizlomedia is hosted on Bluehost. I am a fan of Bluehost because they are providing the best server which is highly up to standards. They are always available for you whenever you need help and their support is number one “100 out of 100″.

Besides support, their cPanel is the best and you can see all services at one place. Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress never have bandwidth and storage problem with them. For successful WordPress blog chose the best. Signup for Bluehost.

Install WordPress On Bluehost:

To start Blogging I always suggest self-hosted WordPress platforms like Bluehost and award winning cPanel. If you are still thinking to choose other hosting services, my advice to go for Bluehost. I also give a small introduction what they have and why they are best.

Special points of Bluehost:

  • Live chat support
  • Award Winning cPanel
  • Free Domain
  • Everything at one place
  • Email plus spam assassin
  • Free Site builder
  • 1 Click WordPress Install
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Free advert credits
  • High Security

Start the process and log into your Bluehost account. After login go to the hosting tab you will see options like home, cPanel, performance etc. Leave everything and go to cPanel.

BlueHost WordPress Install

Move down you will see “Website” box and inside this box click the tab “Install WordPress”

install wordpress on bluehost

Wait a second and another box appears which is a main Bluehost WordPress Install box. It will take you to mojo marketplace and they are official partners of Bluehost. Click “Continue Installation” button.

After clicking install button now you have to choose which domain you want to install WordPress.

select domain to Install wordpress

Tip: You will get an important option to decide your domain with “www.” or without www. I recommend with “www” because it has no importance. When you submit your WordPress Blog to Google search console you have to mention your domain name with www. If scroll the drop-down menu you will see this option.

Don’t put directory name Bluehost creates a directory by default. Go to “Next” green button here you will see settings of your WordPress installation. You see the “Show advanced options” check it and configurations appear on the screen. Please be careful on this step you have to give WordPress username and password and they are used for login.

BlueHost Install directory

Tip: Don’t use “admin” your username because it is common and easy for hackers to guess so use your email and password should be difficult and complex. Also, check the box naming “Automatically create a new database for this installation.”

When you are done click the “Install Now” green button your WordPress installation starts. The whole process should take about 1 minute, Hold down until you see this box of Congratulations.

You will get a confirmation email in your email box with login information don’t keep it in your email note it down somewhere else and delete this email.

You see how simple it is.


Bluehost is the best solution for your WordPress website or blog. Everything setup in minutes and you don’t need technical skills to perform this installation.

If you want to learn how to create WordPress Backup follow this post.

I hope you can now install WordPress on bluehost manually if you feel you are hang up with Bluehost WordPress install please let me know in comments I will provide a solution. Don’t Forget to subscribe newsletter.

Install WordPress On Bluehost : Step By Step Complete Guide
  • Install WordPress On Bluehost : Step By Step Complete Guide


manually, Step By Step Complete Guide. In this guide, you will learn how to install WordPress like a professional blogger