Why do you need to read this WordPress setup tutorial? The answer is yes mostly bloggers have no idea what to do after WordPress Install. But wait you have to do something important for WordPress setup. Long way to go but don’t worry I am here to help you and follow Sizlomedia the best place of WordPress tweaks. WordPress Setup the crucial and most important part and it is a one-time job only in the beginning.

In my previous post, I told you how to Backup WordPress and install WordPress locally plus on the hosting server. You also learned how to install WordPress Plugin and themes. Let’s go to the main topic by default few things already installed when you open up WordPress admin dashboard for the first time. The purpose of this just to test how everything looks and of course, it is a dummy stuff.

WordPress Setup Tutorial:

Step No. 1 POST, PAGE & Comments:

After logging in you will see the WordPress Dashboard.

Go to Post category Post>All post>Select the “Hello world” Dummy post>Click Trash

Following the same Procedure and Go to Pages > Select All Pages > there you see a default page “Sample Page” select and click the trash

The last section is Comments repeat the process Go to Comments>Select the Dummy Comment>Click Trash

Step No. 2 Permalinks:

In this section, you have to decide the URL structure of your WordPress Blog. By default permalinks structure is something like this < http://yourdomain.com/p=123>. Which is not valuable for visitors even for SEO of your WordPress blog. Go to the Settings>Select Permalinks>Select the option Post name and don’t forget to save it.

Why we are changing this because our KEYWORDS are not visible in search results and everything looks awful. See the example below after changing the URL structure.

WordPress Setup Tutorial

Step No. 3 Timezone:

Set the time zone because you need it for scheduling your post. If you don’t set this your post go live by default.

Go to Settings>General > Set the Timezone, choose from the list.

Tip: Set your email as admin, Important updates you will receive in your email. Add “Site Title” & “Tagline”. The last one is WordPress Address(URL) and Site Address( URL) for example put http://www.example.com replace example with your domain name.

time zone settings WordPress

Step No. 4  WordPress Discussion/Comments:

Quick go to Settings>Discussion> Follow the settings I configured in the image below

discussion settings WordPress Blog

Step No. 5  Generate WordPress Ping List

WordPress ping service is unique and uses for search engines and web directories whenever you update your blog or post a new article, very handy.

Go to Settings > Writing there you will see a box which is used for PING list, Put your desire list and save.

ping list for wordpress

Step No. 6  WordPress Media Settings

In media settings, you see some sizes and settings WordPress uses by default. It is not good for any blog. Uncheck all and install WordPress Plugin WP Smush, it reduces and compresses all your WordPress Blog images.

Step No. 7  WordPress User Registration:

You will find this option in Settings > General and uncheck it.

Step No. 8 WordPress Page Settings:

WordPress setup point of view bloggers usually ignore this or maybe they don’t know about it. I will tell you the importance of this method. Finishing WordPress Setup there are 2 options to show your WordPress Blog to the visitors. One latest Post and the Second Static page. Latest Post option just shows your blog post page but currently, the style is changed and bloggers are using static page option frequently. See the example of Sizlomedia.com. In the home page, you can give your visitors option to subscribe or you can offer free services there. In page settings, you will also notice that there is an option to limit the post numbers.

reading settings WordPress

I hope this WordPress setup tutorial is enough for beginners to properly setup WordPress blog before going live for the FIRST time. If you need to backup your WordPress blog or looking for cheap WordPress hosting read detail articles here.

Don’t forget to ask questions in comments and give your review of what you are facing or how can I help you.

  • WordPress Setup Tutorial : Quick Secrets After Finishing WordPress Setup


Why do you need to read this WordPress setup tutorial? The answer is yes mostly bloggers have no idea what to do after WordPress Install. But wait you have to do something important for WordPress setup.

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