Why you choose a Quick & simple way to install WordPress Plugin manually simply people will tell you the ways you don’t need them. This post is only for beginners. In my opinion, Sizlomedia’s aim is to provide the best WordPress knowledge. If you want to backup and restore your WordPress blog or maybe you are looking to buy web hosting and domain, then you are at the right place follow all posts one by one and you will definitely become the master of WordPress CMS.

What are WordPress Plugins:

WordPress is a Content Management System and you can call it a software with full of backend pre-build features. All you have to know is to handle it the right way. WordPress Plugins are basically PHP coded files which perform the function and make your life easier when you want to do something with a touch of a button. WordPress Plugins are in.Zip format please remember if you try to install a folder it is not going to work.

Why you need WordPress Plugins:

Answer of this query is very simple When We need to furnish our blog, For example, you need to speed up your blog (WP Super Cache) or reduce the sizes of all images (WP Smush) or you want to convert your blog in AMP (Automated Mobile Pages for Google mobile index) simply install WordPress plugin and do some settings.

here are two simple ways to install WordPress Plugin, don’t go to third or fourth because you don’t need to waste your time.

  1. Search and install
  2. Upload and install

How to install WordPress plugins manually:

You should always install WordPress Plugin from the dashboard and I highly recommend this.

Follow on-screen instructions:

Go to your Plugins Dashboard as mention in the image and I also numbered the steps 1,2,3 to understand. Click Add New Button a new window will open and there you will see a search option. If you know the name of your desire WordPress plugin type in the search or type the keyword if you have no idea. WordPress shows the list of similar WordPress plugin. For Example, I searched for “Redirect”

Install WordPress Plugin manually

See you have a full list of WordPress Plugins. In this list, you have to choose the right one but it is not easy because you have no idea how good this WordPress plugin is. But the best practice always tries and test it and check how it is working.

Tip: Check the installs and rating of WordPress Plugin before installing it. A compatibility check is necessary with your WordPress Version.

Simply click on “Install Now” button and after that “Activate Plugin”

Tip: Always configure and insert proper settings after installing Plugins

Install WordPress Plugin With Browse option:

This option is only for 3rd party WordPress Plugins or you have a the.Zip file on your PC. Navigate to Add New > Click Browse > Choose File (WordPress Plugin File) > Click Install Now Button.

Install WordPress Plugin

This is the way to install WordPress Plugin manually right way, I personally use Dashboard method because plugins from WordPress.org are safe and they are not going to harm your WordPress Blog.

If you want to deactivate plugins just go to plugins page and from there you can delete or deactivate them.

Sizlomedia Blog has a page name WordPress Guide feel free to visit and read the page it’s all about beginners. I am updating this guide every week and I am sure it is going to be a big bonus for newcomers.

Don’t forget to give comments and let me know your issues with WordPress plugin installation.

Install WordPress Plugin Manually


You should always install WordPress Plugin from the dashboard and I highly recommend this.

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