Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) yeah it’s about speed and SEO. AMP is introduced by Google to make mobile websites load faster. AMP websites load faster and have a better impact on traffic and user experience.  It has a huge impact on search engine results pages and the other is defiantly a ranking factor because Google is indexing AMP pages quickly in their account.  Today I will discuss in details how to set up Google AMP in WordPress and the monitoring techniques you should follow the right way.

What is Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Accelerated Mobile Pages specially build for the mobile responsive platform. It uses the HTML and JavaScript and the way Google host your AMP pages on their cache to load faster. Now Google is backing up forcing websites to get in AMP. As I said earlier it is going to be good for your search engine rankings.

You can read What the Traffic Guru Neil Patel said about AMP:

Neil Patel

Check Google Search guidelines for AMP pages

Google Search guidelines AMP

Google Official Blog “Introducing the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, for a faster, open mobile web “

Few facts about Google accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

I must mention these details and what’s going on in the world of AMP.  Accelerated Mobile Pages are popular and adopted by 1 billion blogger and people from ASIA. Major players like Baidu, Sogou and Yahoo Japan already adopted the AMP mobile framework. Google is showing AMP results in Google News and Google Image search which has a huge impact on page rankings. US Publishers are now getting 8% more traffic from AMP Web APPS.

Importance of Google accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Question everyone is asking these days but sincerely, When I open my site on mobile without AMP it takes time and the look of my pages are awful. There are pros and cons of AMP tell you frankly if your theme is responsive why you have to shift on AMP when it loads alright on the mobile devices even no issues on APPLE devices. But we need traffic and of Google ranking factors there is no other option then is.

Another thing AMP is limited to HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and it is difficult to add widgets to a mobile website. And second, it is difficult to switch back from AMP to a simple responsive state of your WordPress ver. I implemented AMP on my WordPress Blog you can check it Sizlomedia AMP just puts amp after trailing slash you will see amp version.

So people and bloggers are searching for how to create AMP for WordPress blog and here is the solution.

How to set AMP for your WordPress Blog           

It’s a simple procedure just follow these steps and install WordPress amp Plugins

  1. Beginning you have to install AMP WordPress Plugin by Automatic
  2. Additionally, install another Accelerated Mobile Pages WordPress Plugin by Ahmed Kaludi

Google accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

AMP WordPress Plugin by Automatic “You need it for design view purpose.” Accelerated Mobile Pages WordPress Plugin by Ahmed Kaludi ”You need it for configuration purpose” Now activate both AMP plugins and go to settings follow the image below.

AMP wordpress Plugin Automatic

You will see a page which shows the main settings of your Google AMP. Upload logo because in Google accelerated mobile pages logo has different dimensions if you don’t have made 1 and Recommend logo size is: 190×36 pixels. Amp for WordPress pages yes don’t forget to activate it because it is not going to work on pages like about, contact etc. Follow image

Google accelerated mobile design settings 1

Logo configuration finished goes in each and every section and configure it as per needs. There are a lot of options for header, background, and colors.

Google accelerated mobile pages settings 1

[button color=”” size=”” type=”round” target=”” link=””]Here is the trick for design trust me I tried all these 3 designs but in the end Design 2 is the best and your AMP pages will look great.[/button]

When you are done hit the save button and test AMP version in the browser simply type this URL and change the word “example” with your domain name. “”


I am adding this topic in this article because people are forcing the use of Yoast amp glue WordPress Plugin. this as a necessary option for SEO but I am not using it and it has nothing to do with AMP SEO. If you have installed the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin settings will be added in the Accelerated Mobile Pages WordPress Plugin by Ahmed Kaludi.

AMP WordPress theme

no AMP WordPress theme is available by default through AMP Plugin your blog automatically converted to AMP version.

amp preview

Optimize AMP ads         

I am insisting on AMP Plugin because it has ads features too and you can input your ads code in the advertisement tab. There you can put 6 ads.

amp for ads

Testing AMP

When your Google Accelerated Mobile Pages appear in the Google search results you will see some problems related to invalid meta tags or HTML. But don’t worry go to AMP validates pages and conduct the test to see the problems if there is none simply click ads to index button and Google will take it in index account.

amp validator

Google Console AMP problems

In this section, I will explain how to get rid of Google search console problems. Google will index immediately the AMP pages of your website and it will show you the related problems too. See the image below

google search console problems

After all these settings and configuration you have to resave your “permalinks” it is important, please do this otherwise AMP will not take effect.

AMP For none WordPress site

It is not easy you have to go to AMP Project’s site and follow the guidelines given by the Google and trust me it is not easy.

AMP Progressive APPS

I developed my android app and I did it before AMP launched but as you see everything is coming up every day. Yes, I am talking about Progressive Web APPS by Google and they also launched guidelines plus training for developers. View details


If you are looking for details you can visit Moz’ recent Whiteboard Friday recent Review about AMP.

See it is easy to install Google Accelerated Mobile Pages there is not expertise you need and after everything follows Google Webmaster tools to rectify problems. You can also read WordPress Install and Backup. I am waiting to see the suggestions and comments if you need more explanation I will write on this topic more and one more thing Youtube channel is coming with video lectures series.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) For WordPress


Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) yeah it’s about speed and SEO. AMP is introduced by Google to make mobile websites load faster. AMP websites load faster and have a better impact on traffic and user experience.

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