WordPress Security Tips needs are to do on daily basis. When you run a popular blog it has a big importance and every website and blogger should think about. If your website got hacked you will lose your traffic (Visitors) and a small note in Google search results will be placed with your domain name. If it happens, visitors start avoiding your web site and with this, you also receive notice in your Google search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) that your website is hacked or it is sending spam.

Once my Blog got hacked and I face the similar situation which I am going to discuss. I will tell you how I got out of this situation. What are the problems I faced both frontend and backend? Receive messages from my Hosting provider your website is compromised please take action to secure WordPress blog.

WordPress software is secure but when we use WordPress Plugins or themes or third party software’s we never know how secure they are.

As an owner of your WordPress Blog, you are the only one who can secure your WordPress Blog. But you need to know in details about WordPress Security. Remember Backup your WordPress blog every day because it is almost impossible to reinstate it.

In this Ultimate Secret Guide you will learn the exact procedure which I am following and every day I got updates about how people are trying to exploit my WordPress blog and what is the activity behind my back.

What are security vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities are those where bad people like hackers try to inject their codes in your WordPress Core files like themes and get access to your database and from there defiantly they will have passwords and sensitive data to login to your admin dashboard. They mostly redirect themes files to the bad redirect links. After this, your WordPress blog starts sending spam to Google search and all other websites.

Backup to Secure WordPress Blog

Before everything, I must suggest that you should backup your WordPress Blog and do it on the everyday routine if you don’t know how to do it read my article HOW TO CREATE FREE WORDPRESS BACKUP IN 1 MINUTE

Keep up to date Your WordPress Blog

This is important always update your WordPress software, Themes, and Plugins. WordPress launches updates whenever they got news of vulnerabilities and reported bugs from developers. Mostly update belongs to security as you know WordPress hosted thousands of blogs and bloggers prefers WordPress for their blogs and revenue both.

Password protect WordPress site

I saw website owners not giving this importance in my opinions you should. Never use admin as a user, use your email or a unique name. A password should be the long and strong. It is easy for hackers if they found you have admin as user their half work is done. They only have to guess the password.  So be unique and don’t take it easy for the name of your visitors and revenue.

How to recover hack WordPress site

For example, your WordPress Blog hacked now what to do and where to start. Let me tell you when you get noticed that you are hacked immediately go to your hosting cPanel and check for new files in the files menu. If there are new files present and you don’t know where they come from immediately delete all those files and tell your web hosting provider that scan my blog. I know most of them to have security software’s preinstalled if you activate it or install that service then doesn’t worry nobody can get inside. Now remove your WordPress installation and install everything from the start and install your backup to the newly installed WordPress installation.

Best WordPress security Plugin You should Use

Why you need to WordPress security Plugin the answer is simple you are not a developer and have no idea what to do and where to start. Security WordPress Plugin handles everything on its own and a simple to secure WordPress.

There are several WordPress security Plugins you can use. I will discuss a few below.

Sucuri Complete WordPress Security Plugin (Premium).

Sucuri is a premium WordPress Plugin and they are really fantastic. Services they offered are good but you have to pay yearly.

sucuri wordpress Plugin

Wordfence WordPress Security Plugin (Free & Premium).

Wordfence WordPress Security Plugin is up to the mark and they have both free and premium WordPress versions. You can choose what suits you best.

Wordfence WordPress security Plugin

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

WordPress Security Tips

Personally speaking iThemes Security the best WordPress security Plugin and it is 100% free. You can install it as many websites you like, No terms and conditions. Easy to use and simple configuration, I will give you a few tips on how to use it and configure it. It has an option of hiding backend which is your WordPress login address. Go to general settings and Hide Backend. Remove the default login word to your secret word so hackers cannot find the login page of your website.

itheme WordPress security settingsPlugin

In this WordPress Plugin you have so many options like Ban users, invalid login attempts, 404 not found, disable editor etc. When someone tries to find the login page you will get the update as 404 not found. Research on that IP and if it is blacklisted simply ban it.

Wordfence WordPress security Plugin 2

Everyday check logs page and you will see what is going on behind your back. Be careful if you set secret word instead of your login address after that even you can’t log in so please remember and save everything.

WordPress security tips

These WordPress Security Tips are for best and follow them on the everyday basis.

  1. Never use admin as a username for WordPress.
  2. Make a strong password which contains symbols, Words, and numbers.
  3. Keep your database login details safe and make them strong.
  4. Backup your WordPress Blog every day.
  5. Keep looking at the activity on your website.
  6. After noticing of too many 404 errors hits by someone check what is he looking for if there is no explanation immediately bans that IP.
  7. Check IP location you can also get the details of spamming to attach with that IP address.
  8. Every day check your email address for the warning given by the WordPress security Plugin or by your web hosting services.
  9. Don’t use 777 file permissions in the file manager, the best is 666.
  10. Hide default login WordPress URL.


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Sometimes it is important to invest in revenue and traffic. Every day so many websites got hacked and they need a rescue. I hope this article WordPress Security Tips: Beginners Step by Step Guide explained how to secure WordPress Blog. Please don’t forget to give comments and ask your questions too if I miss something.

WordPress Security Tips : Beginners Step by Step Guide


WordPress Security Tips needs are to do on daily basis. When you run a popular blog.

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